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Pet Resources

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center

Providing the most medically useful veterinary poison and drug information possible. 24 hour poison hotline available.


Homeagain Micorchip

Register your microchip, or change pet information.


Orthopedic Foundation of Animals

A website geared toward comparing and passing on information concerning orthopedic and genetic diseases of animals.


Pet Finder

Looking for a lost dog, or an animal available for adoption. Breeder and Trainer information.

Pet Finder

Washington State University

College of Veterinary Medicine Pet Health Topics. Topics including procedures, common problems, and diseases.

WSU VetMed

Owners Urged to Introduce Proper Dental Care in Pets Early

Data from the American Veterinary Dental Society show that 70% of cats and 80% of dogs exhibit signs of dental illness by age 3, which could put them at risk for long-term health conditions affecting critical organs. Owners are advised to introduce pets to daily brushing at a young age and provide them with regular dental checks, among other measures. Stafford County Sun (Va.) (3/2)

Read up Before Deciding on a Rabbit

Americans owned 6.2 million pet rabbits in 2007, according to AVMA figures, and the animals' popularity as pets is on the rise in the Year of the Rabbit, but prospective owners should read up the care and feeding of bunnies before making the decision, according to this story. To learn more, read the AVMA brochure on rabbit care. Leavenworth Times (Kan.) (3/2)