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Pet of the Month


Bella is a 7 year old yellow lab that had 2 big procedures in 2019. In the first part of the year Bella had a small mass on her that was diagnosed as a mass cell tumor which is a type of cancer. She had surgery to remove it and the mass was sent to the lab to be analyzed. It was completely excised and Bella's prognosis was good.

A few months later Bella started limping on her back left leg. Unfortunately she had torn a ligament in her stifle referred to as an ACL tear. When dogs tear this ligament they cannot put weight on their leg without their knee shifting which causes pain and discomfort. Bella had to have an orthopedic procedure performed called a TTA in October and spent 8 weeks in recovery. She received laser treatments to help her knee repair and had to have very restricted activity.

Bella is doing well and we are proud of her. We love to see her happy, wagging tail each time she visits us.