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Pet Loss & Grief Support

Making a Difficult Decision:

The day will come, that your best friend is no longer experiencing the quality of life that you know they deserve. When you realize it is time to do one of the most difficult, but kindest acts that you can do for your best friend, we are here to help you through each step. If you are having difficulty making the decision or if you need to talk with someone about when to make the decision, please call us, we want to help you in any way we can through this very emotional time.

How to Say Goodbye


Euthanasia is a term that means "good death", even though it is one of the most difficult decisions that we will have to make, it is also one of the kindest acts that we can do for our beloved furry friends.

Attended euthanasia's are available for the families that would like to stay with their pet during the euthanasia procedure. We prepare a private room for you to be with your pet, when you are ready, one of our technicians will take your pet to our treatment room, where they will put in an I.V. catheter. This is done so that when the final injection is given it is peaceful and stress free for your pet. The technician will then bring your pet back to your room, you are welcome to spend time with your pet, until it is time for the Dr. to come in. We encourage you to stay close to your pet during the procedure, talking with them and touching them. We want you to feel comfortable, so just know that it is ok to ask questions or leave the room if you feel the need.

Unattended euthanasia's are also an option, for the families that prefer not to stay, but would just like to say their goodbye's at home.

Cremation Options:

Private Cremations are for families that wish to have the remains of their pet returned to them. This service is provided by Family Pet Memorial. All remains are returned in a nice oak box with their name on the front. The pet cemetery is also available through Family Pet Memorial if you prefer to have a burial for your pet. More information is available on their website.

General Cremations are for families that do not wish to have the remains of their pet returned to them. These pets are cremated in a general crematorium.


The loss of a pet is very personal and extremely painful. Working through your grief will help you get ever closer to the day when you are able to remember your pet with a smile, even if there is still a tear in your eye.

The following are a few resources that you may find helpful.

WSU hotline
1-866-266-8635 or 509-335-5704
ASPCA Pet Loss Hotline
Cornell Pet Loss Support Hotline
Pet Grief Support
Horizon Hospice.
123 W. Cascade Way