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Our Team

Jessica, CVPM, Practice Manager

Jessica, CVPM, Hospital Manager

Jessica has worked at Lincoln Heights Veterinary Clinic for over 14 years. She started as a work-study student through SCC and worked as an assistant then moved to receptionist. Several years ago she decided to go back to school and graduated with her Bachelors in Human Resource Management from EWU. In addition, she passed her CVPM test and is now a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager.

Jessica is proud to also be Fear Free Certified and helping the clinic reduce fear, anxiety, and stress in our patients. She is a proud member of the Fear Free Committee.

Jessica has been married for 13 years; she has three beautiful children, two kitties, and a Great Dane puppy. She enjoys going out on the boat in the summer and spends most of the spring and fall carpooling kids around for various sports while still enjoying playing soccer herself.

Fear Free Certified Professional


Carolyn, Office Manager

Carolyn is one of the old-timers here at Lincoln Heights!! She started working with Dr. Mike Perry when she was just a kid! She lives on a farm with her husband and two cats, Clark the Maine Coon and Castle the orange cat.

She has enjoyed watching our clinic grow and become the great place it is today...

Carolyn is proud to be worker toward her Fear Free Certification and helping clients understand fear, anxiety, and stress in their pets and how to happily help get them to the clinic.

Hope you visit us real soon!

Fear Free Certified Professional


Carrie, LVT

Carrie attended Gonzaga University from 1995-1999 and received a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She started working at the clinic as a work-study student in 1997. She continued her education online through Cedar Valley College in Lancaster, Texas; studying to become a licensed veterinary technician. Carrie received her technician license in 2007.

Carrie is happy to be Fear Free Certified and enjoys watching the patients as they become excited to be here and see us.

Carrie has two little girls, a black cats named Nitro, and a little blind Yorkie named Charlie. She enjoys skiing, golfing, and the outdoors. Her passion has always been animal care.

Fear Free Certified Professional


Tammy, LVT

A Spokane Native, Tammy started her veterinary career in 1991 at Lincoln Heights Veterinary Clinic working for Dr. Mike Perry. Since then, she has worked at nine different clinics, with over 30 veterinarians and is licensed in 3 states (Alaska, Florida, & Washington). Of the veterinarians she has worked for, 2 were Board Certified Veterinary Dentists, and 2 were Board Certified Veterinary Pathologists. Her special interest is in Dentistry.

Tammy was our first team member to be Fear Free Certified and introduced it to the clinic. She is very passionate about helping reduce fear, anxiety, and stress in our patients. She is also a member of our Fear Free Committee.

Tammy is married and has a daughter, son-in-law, and a grandson who lives in Alaska.

Fear Free Certified Professional

Customer Service Rep

Trina, Team Lead, Veterinary Assistant

Trina graduated from Carrington College in 2010 as a veterinary assistant and is currently enrolled in Penn Foster working toward her Technician license. She has worked for us for over a year.

Trina's favorite part about working at the clinic is being able to help both people and their pets in their times of need. She has a special interest in canine/feline laser therapy and hope to specialize in physical rehabilitation/therapy and massage in the future.

The thing Trina likes best about fear free is that it gives her the opportunity to create a stress free and positive experience for pets and their families which allows me to bond and create a relationship with them.

Trina has a large family consisting of mostly animals. She is married to Ben and together they have their son Harlan and their daughter Maddy. They have 3 dogs: a husky named Jedi, a bully mix named Sonia, and a jack russel and beagle mix named Tali. they have 2 cats named Micro and Finnegan and 1 fish named Omaia.

In her spare time, Trina likes to paint, draw, and sew and enjoys anything that has to do with art. She is a painter, both traditional as well as digital, sculpt, and sewing. She also enjoys making and designing clothes and costumes.

Trina is excited to be Level III Fear Free Certified and is on our Fear Free Committee to help others implement fear free into the clinic. She is now Level III certified and enjoys helping train the team on new techniques.

Rachel, Veterinary Assistant

Rachel is proud member of the LHVC team and has been for 2 years. She has an Associates in Human Services but her passion is animals. She is currently enrolled in Veterinary Technician school.

Rachel loves the field and when asked her favorite part about working in the field, she replied 'What's NOT my favorite part?'

Rachel is Fear Free Certified and is excited to be implementing what she has learned. She likes to see fearful pets do well and feel relaxed during their visit. She also likes seeing the owners be more relaxed as they realize their pet is less stressed.

Rachel has Kitty the kitty, Nami the Akita, Patty the African Grey, Oscar the box turtle and Bitsy the rat.

Rachel likes to see live music, she enjoys reading, camping, interpretive dance, underwater bottle ship building, show making, finger painting, and power lifting.

Fear Free Certified Professional

Willow, Veterinary Assistant

Kelsi, Veterinary Assistant

Kelsi just joined our team and we are super excited to have her. She will be a great addition to our team. She received her Bachelors of Science in Biology from Metropolitan State University in Denver.

Kelsi's favorite part about working in the veterinary field is getting to see all the puppies and kittens. Now being fear free certified Kelsi enjoys seeing the animals come back and not be terrified. She enjoys giving them all the treats and having the patient respond in a positive way.

Kelsi has a younger brother named Colton and 2 black cats named henry and Stells. When Kelsi is not working she likes to hike, play tennis, sun-bath, and hang out with friends and family.

Fear Free Certified Professional


Morgan, Veterinary Assistant

Morgan has worked at LHVC for 3 years. She went to school at Kent State University, then to Northcoast Medical Training Academy to get her Veterinary Assistant Certificate.

Her favorite part  about working in the veterinary field is helping the animals in need. She also likes to see the healthy pets and their owners and continue to build relationships with them.

Morgan is proud to say she is Fear Free Certified and enjoys helping the clinic implement our initiative. She likes to use what she has learned both in the clinic and outside the clinic to helps pets relax and be stress free.

Morgan has a wonderful family in Cleveland, Ohio (mom, dad, younger sister). She has 2 pups (the girls) Sadie and Nila. And her very best friend Katie.

Morgan loves shopping and walking the girls (Sadie, Nila, and Katie).

Fear Free Certified Professional


Claire, Veterinary Assistant

Claire has a certificate in Veterinary Assisting from the NEWTECH Skills Center. She attended the Veterinary Assistant Program for two years. She also has a certificate from Spokane Community College for completing the Medical Office Receptionist program.

Claire is excited to be Fear Free Certified and has joined our Fear Free Committee to help reduce stress in our hospitalized patients.

Claire has loved animals since childhood and has cared for birds, hamsters, and cats while growing up here in Spokane. She is a hard worker who loves coming to work every day. Claire enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and her two lovable cats, Tigger and Sashee. She also enjoys reading and shopping.

Fear Free Certified Professional

Leigh, Veterinary Assistant

Jessica B., Veterinary Assistant

Jessica recently joined our team and is in training, though she has lots of experience from her previous clinic. Her favorite part about working in the veterinary field is working with animals, but more importantly, being able to work with clients and talking with them and taking care of the patients. 

Jessica is currently working on her fear free certification but likes what she has seen and learned so far.

Jessica has a horse named Dozer, a goat named abby, a kitten she adopted from her prvious clinic named Morty, cheeto her female cat, and Lilli her 10 year old Aussie. Her family also consists of her mom, dad, and boyfriend Nigel.

When Jessica is not at work she enjoys camping, fishing, animals, and working on cars with her boyfriend. she likes to go on road trips to places near and far.

Amanda, Veterinary Assistant

Amanda, Veterinary Assistant

Amanda attended Carrington College in 2007 for her veterinary assistant certification and is currently enrolled in Penn Foster to get her Technician licensed. She has worked here for over a year.

Amanda's favorite part of working in the veterinary field is the fast paced environment and that there are always new experiences and things to learn, which helps her provide excellent care for people and their pets.

What Amanda likes best about fear free is that it removes or decreases the stress of both the pets and their owners which allows for a more comfortable exam and for the owner to adequately explain their needs without worry.

Amanda's family consists of her boyfriend Matt and their dog Jake and cat Motor. In her spare time, Amanda likes getting lost in the woods. Nothing is better to her than a campfire and the sounds of nature.

Amanda has completed her Level II Fear Free Certification and enjoys helping guide clients on how to get their pets to the clinic with less stress and also helps reduce stress in our hospitalized patients. She is currently working on Level II certification.

Katrina, Veterinary Assistant
Briana, Veterinary Assistant

Briana is currently enrolled at SFCC working toward becoming a nurse. She has worked here for about 6 months and we hate to lose her in a couple years. Her favorite part about working in the vet clinic is being around the animals and getting puppy kisses!

Briana is passionate about fear free because she likes how you can clearly see the difference with how animals cope better when they visit us.

Briana has 2 dogs, Cali the lab puppy and Cooper the 4 yr old Terrier, and 2 guinea pigs, Carter and Yonce`. She lives with her boyfriend who is in the Air Force and stationed at Fairchild.

When not at work Briana likes to hike and travel. She just moved here so she is trying out all the new places to eat and visit. She loves spending time with her dogs and watching Dexter on Netflix.

Briana is now a Fear Free Certified Professional and enjoys helping reduce fear, anxiety, and stress.

Fear Free Certified Professional

Sarah, Veterinary Assistant

Jennifer, Veterinary Assistant

Jennifer joined our clinic 1 month ago. She is new to the veterinary field but worked the last 8 years in a doctors office. She attend WWCC and received her Associates in Business Administration and also attended LCSC and received her Bachelors in Microbiology.

Jennifer's favorite part about working here is all the puppies that she gets to see. She is Fear Free certified and loves having the knowledge on how to help pets and owners have a positive experience.

Jennifer lives with her dog "B"-Dog. When she isn't working she enjoys camping, ATV riding, snowmobiling, being on the water, bascially anything having to do with getting dirty including fishing. she also enjoys a good game of golf.

Fear Free Certified

Veterinary Assistant
Ethan, Veterinary Assistant

Ethan joined us in June of 2018. He has an associates degree in Biology from the College of the Siskiyous and a bachelors degree in Zoology from Humboldt State University.

His favorite part about working in a veterinary clinic is helping animals feel better and seeing the joy on the clients faces when we've helped their pet/best friend.

Ethan is fear free certified and he strives to make every visit a positive one so that pets leave the clinic happy not terrified.

Ethan's family consists of his parents, Richard & Elaine, his brother Ryan who lives in Vegas and his other brother Jared who lives here in Spokane with his wife Leslie and their chihuahua Rosie. Ethan has an 8 yr old dog Sadie who is a Plott/Redbone Hound mix and 3 green anoles, also known as Mac & 'The B's'.

In his spare time, Ethan enjoys photography, reading, gardening, and exploring nature.

Katie, Customer Service Rep

Katie, Team Lead Receptionist

Katie has worked at LHVC almost 2 years but has about 5 years experience in the field. She has a Bachelor's in History from EWU and currently working on her MBA.

Katie enjoys getting to know the clients and building relationships with them and getting puppy kisses. 

Katie is Level II Fear Free Certified and enjoys being on our Fear Free Committee so that she can help the team and guide pet owners on how to have successful vet visits. Her favorite part is watching pets go from fearful to relaxed.

Katie has colorful hobbies but mostly likes to be on the lake in the summer and skiing in the winter.