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Tibial Tuberosity Advancement

Does your pet have a torn ACL? Are you looking for a way to repair your pet's knee problem? It is the most common knee injury in a dog and it can occur at any age and in any breed. It is one of a group of surgical procedures designed to alter the shape of the knee such that all strain is moved from the damaged cruciate ligament, which is then no longer needed. the operation provides permanent stability of the knee imporving both the short and long term outlooks for the dog.

Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) is the latest method and most popular for repairing the canine knee with a torn ACL ligament. Unfortunately, this condition does not repair itself and often requires surgical intervention. When the ACL tears in your pet's knee, the tibia is able to slide forward when your pet stands on the leg, which is normally constrained by the torn ligament. This is very painful and causes arthritis in the joint. TTA works by changing the way the quadriceps muscle (the large muscles on the front of the leg) pull on the tibia. After a TTA, the muscle pulls the tibia back into its normal position when your dog stands on the leg.

They are widely considered the preferred way to repair cruciate ligament injuries in dogs. Unfortunately, most regular veterinary hospitals are only able to offer the traditional repair with a nylon ligament and referral to a specialist for TPLO is often necessary. At Lincoln Heights Veterinary Clinic, Drs. Siems started performing TTA's in Spokane in 2016 and has been performing cruciate surgeries on dog's since 1999. So if your dog requires a cruciate repair please call our clinic at 509.535.3551 to set up a consult.